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Dan Brown is a person who was challenged to communicate. It was a child hood inability due his relationship with his mother. He was trying to overcome and today probably has. However, he could be ascorbic, cutting and as I experienced if he felt lacking would lash out. One day at Gill House, I was sitting in the front field, very lonely, reaching out. He came over to me, looked down at me sitting there. I asked him to join me. I asked why he didn't take pictures of me and he said "You're Ugly". "That is why I don't". It had nothing to do with me. It had to do with his personal inferiority with attractive woman and he lashed out and when I did the Spirit Press Article that is why my picture is so dark. Dan took it.

I was used to this routine hazing by those who were in touch or out of touch with my brothers affections or were people who truly did not mind and only minded because they felt they didn't get their fair share of the "Promotion Women." We were committed to Michael, his music and he was committed to the most intelligent and best groomed and educated of the girls/women. These other guys had no shot at us.

21st-Sep-2009 08:22 pm - Writer's Block: Giving Thanks
What are 10 things you are thankful for?
Thankful for my husband, my daughter and my home. Thank full for my nieces and nephews, for my family, my life, and my friends, my work and future work and that I can pay my bills, and travel and write.
14th-Sep-2009 10:35 pm - Writer's Block: Giving Thanks
What are 10 things you are thankful for?
Afan is an uncensored human being. So lucky to be totally herself. Love it. My daughter and husband appreciate her like I do. It is so amazing to know her.
11th-Jun-2009 09:59 pm - Warming up.
It is warming up. and I bet there is haunting going on. Put the ashes out, and lets get in the circle. Put sky water in a bowl and keep up side down arrows. I am definitely doing ashes.


The Queen of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in advocation. I have been there, done that and can be trusted to judge, perceive or tell it like it is. I own my authority and honor my authentic nature and wisdom but use my sharp wit responsibly and accept that not everyone will "warm up to me." I have a sleek, keen but detached sense for quality, classic style and truth and my reputation for communicating or protecting justice, the greater good or serving as a pioneer is well-deserved. I am empowered to endure by obligation to my code and my virtue is order.

PSYCHO EGO runs wild...boo hoo pu too. Jacs

13th-Apr-2008 01:49 pm - YouTube link - excellent animation
Here's a cool Russian animation:


Mike Tetrault sent me this annimation and it is divine. It has all the sounds of my childhood and it is Russian. My Fathers side is Russian. My father was first generation and that makes it more delightful. Right down to the pink thisle.
29th-Mar-2007 09:06 pm - The truth like a feather
Meeting of the HEADS.
Cool people, Twyla Higgins, Jerri Higgins, Afan KIM Edwin... (Grand MU BA), Dmitria Clark, and myself Jacqueline Metelica Brzezinski.

Many moods, great talent, writers all. We plan hopefully to go on our book tours together! at the same time!!!

Memoirs every last one of them. Mine is memoir and an autobiography.

I love powerful, gracious conscious women who are totally frank and honest.

Far reaching winds from this meeting. Far reaching winds. Few curves left, it was life altering and Dimitria inspired me to get buff.

Foremost of Worshippers

Saved me from Michael’s control.
I was born and “made to do” record promotion. How he failed himself.

Robin Paris and Michael Metelica – have a dream they are murderers.

I was a perfect person to spear head promotion. I built the largest amphitheatre for music and theatre and festivals. Seeded thought and ideas. Responsible for many temples. No wonder I felt my potential to build this life.

People danced and listened to music as a form of worship. WE were living in a religion where Michael became the confessor. He and Elwood interceded for us to get to God and that is just plain wrong. They granted our proximity to God. Now that is a little God.

Elwood was a grand stander. A person that lets other entities into them. He let his body be used and that is a grand stander.

Valley of the KINGS

“That’s Hatshepsut?” “Where’s Hatshepsut?”
“I appreciate your being here”, says Ramses IV.

Falcon, owl, snake and yellow ball.

Hatshepsut is here.

Must see angels landing in Utah…doubt I could climb to it.
I am about to go on a SUN Creation tour all over Egypt. Most exciting. Healing past lives, meditating and reusing the ancient land and temples of the past with like minded people.
This is also about healing mothers, speaking to mother and creating mother.
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